A Power BI Game… and a chance to win some prizes too!

Update (2/20/2018) – This contest is now closed. Winner (as well as how to solve the puzzle) announced here.

Over the years, I have participated in my fair share of Power BI contests and for most of them, I bugged a lot of you for votes (so that I can go to the next round). Thanks to your love and support, I have won a couple too. I have put those days behind me, now that I have joined Microsoft (and employees are barred from participating in any kind of contests that are organized by Microsoft). That said, I always wanted to do something back for the community, for everything you have done for me, but had no idea how to implement it. That is when I saw a community post that was shared on Twitter, and I decided to make a fun game out of it using a modified technique (more details on the inner workings will come in a following post).




The rules for this game are simple – just unlock the codes on the first tab to reveal a secret tab with details on how to claim the prize. There is a second tab that has a puzzle, solve it to reveal the codes. Click around on the items around the room in the second tab for clues, and if you click on the right ones, they will tell you what the codes are. Your observation skills as well as your general knowledge skills will be put to the test here. Rules are explained in detail on the third tab of the report. Read them carefully. The first person to solve the challenge according to the rules will win the prize. The contest may just last for minutes or may last for 1 week – depending on how fast you solve it. If no progress is made by end of Week 1, I might start throwing extra clues on twitter, so stay tuned! I will also announce the winner on my blog once we are done with the contest.



Maximize the report for a better experience before you sit down to solve the clues. As for people who are curious on how this was done, the main concepts are:-

1) Bookmarks

2) Sync Slicers

3) Dynamic measures

4) Hide tabs in Power BI


May the best man / woman win! Smile

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