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Power BI Licensing - Cost Forecasting Guide

This Power BI report helps you forecast the cost for Power BI licenses over 3 years by including the growth in Pro, Frequent and Occasional users. This report also estimates the utilization of the Power BI Premium node, so that you have a rough idea of how many more users you can accommodate on that Premium node. 

Where do turkey vultures travel the furthest?

This Power BI report was a response to Andy Kriebel's Makeover Monday: Distance Traveled by Turkey Vultures (Power BI Edition) and shows that it is pretty easy to get an almost exact replica of the original Tableau report in Power BI. 

Steph Curry: A look at the intriguing numbers behind the reigning MVP

This Power BI report was my entry (as well as the winner) for the 2016 Microsoft Best Report contest and shows some of the stats around the first 35 games of that NBA season for Steph Curry. 

Tank Wars

This Power BI report was my entry (as well as the winner) for the Microsoft What-If Contest and is a 2 player game modeled around the traditional Tank Wars game. 

US Elections

This Power BI report shows the US Election results, and was made as a guide on how to create Hex Tile maps in Power BI

Who is Will?

I created this report as an example of telling data stories using Power BI. 

Visualizing Merge Joins

This report was created as a fun and visual way to explain how Joins work.