Download GeoFlow Preview for Excel 2013

Over the last couple of weeks, many people have been asking me for the download links for GeoFlow. Well, I am pleased to say that GeoGlow has made it’s public preview today and is available for download now. GeoFlow Preview for Excel 2013 Find below some useful links (including the download link)

And I guess it is time to cut down on some of the earlier limitations that I had mentioned about the beta release of GeoFlow:-
Related tables are not supported in this release.All the data should be in one table.
Backend data changes are not reflected in the visualization in this release and this will mean deleting and recreating the visualizations.
No Undo/Redo is supported in this release.

No way to slice and dice data within the visualization
No drill down functionalities from a higher level (say, states) to a lower level (say, counties) which is there in tools like Power View. Not bad huh? Some new features are also there like the Top / Bottom 100 Chart shown below. top / bottom 100 chart in geoflow It is interesting to note that GeoFlow is not available to all versions of Excel 2013. The supported Microsoft Office versions are:

  • Office Professional Plus 2013
  • Office 365 ProPlus
  • Office 365 Midsize
  • Office 365 E3
  • Office 365 E4

Enough of me telling, it’s time to explore this add-in on your own now. Download GeoFlow today and take your data for a 3-D drive! Smile

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Does it work on SharePoint on-premises?

Currently it doesn't and from my discussion with the Excel team, there is no immediate plan to make it available too. Right now, the focus is to get the basic features out like filtering and make it a more complete product (and then maybe go to other platforms – mobile? ipad? SP?)

Thanks Jason

All my data uses the OSGB1936 projection. Does GeoFlow support spatial references other than WGS1984?

No, but I guess there are convertors available to translate.

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