I’m speaking at the PASS Business Analytics Conference

The speaker lineup for the PASS Business Analytics Conference has been announced and I’m really excited to see my name in the list. In case you haven’t heard, PASS BA Conference is the premium conference for business analytics professionals. If you’re a business analyst, data scientist, architect, or BA/BI practitioner, you can’t afford to miss this conference. Attendees will be exposed to an unparalleled range of information —with over 60 sessions to choose from—covering data discovery, data exploration and visualization, predictive analytics, content management and architecture, collaboration, information strategies, and much more. You can register for the conference by clicking on this link. PASS BA Conference I am speaking I am really honoured to be presenting along with such an impressive list of speakers. My session details are given below

GeoSpatial Analytics Using Microsoft BI

Speaker(s)Jason Thomas Duration: 60 minutes Track: Data Analytics and Visualization In this age of big data, location matters more than many people imagine. Almost every set of data has some geographic information tied to it, and it is all the more pertinent to understand and unravel the patterns and trends behind them. This session will start by explaining why GeoSpatial analytics is important in today’s world and then continue by exploring how we can share, analyze, and visualize data using the comprehensive Microsoft BI toolset, including Power View, GeoFlow, SQL Server Reporting Services, and more. The session will also feature practical demos for each of these tools, during which we will work on some of the publicly available datasets to uncover some interesting facts. Don’t forget to drop in and say a hi to me, in case you are attending the conference.

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Brent Greenwood

Congrats Jason! And good luck. I working on getting over to Chicago for that week, so hopefully I'll see you guys there.

Wow! Fantastic! Wish to be there! All the best jason!

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