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So that’s one objective struck off from my list for this year. Yes, I made a presentation on the mapping features in SSRS 2008 R2 for the London BI User Group on 21 June, 2010. The UG meeting was held in the Hitachi office near London Bridge and was attended by around 30 people. A big thanks to Hitachi Consulting for sponsoring the beer / pizza and of course, for allowing us to use their office for the meeting. Another round of applause to Chris Webb (blog)  for organizing this UG meeting and personally, my gratitude for giving me the opportunity to speak. Though my presentation was more focussed on demos, I am attaching the slides that I used for my session – ‘Let’s go Spatial’ along with this post. I will try to upload the rdls of the reports also but that might take some time. So keep checking or ping me if you have got some urgent need for the sample reports used in my presentation. Click to download - Let's go SPATIAL The demos included

  • Creating map reports from ESRI shapefiles
    • How to deal with deployment errors with large shapefiles
  • Creating map reports from Spatial Data
    • How to import shapefiles into your database
  • Visualizing your map reports using measures
  • How to drill up and down your map reports
  • How to do custom aggregation in your map reports
  • Creating bubble maps in your map reports

This was followed by an amazing session on Change Data Capture by the charismatic Duncan Sutcliffe (blog | twitter). Overall a nice day and looking forward for more BI user group meetings.

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Steven Griffith

One note of some importance – I just got back from the ESRI International User Conference, and they announced that, starting in version 10.1 (due out early 2012) that they will begin defaulting to the native Geometry/Geography types in SQL Server instead of the current proprietary implementation.

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