2012 in a Nutshell

No, the world didn’t end in 2012 as many expected (looks like the Mayan developer was just damn lazy and decided to take a nap after entering till 2012 in the calendar. Guess who got fired after that!). It took a few days for me to get over the disappointment that I really have to pay off my car loan now, lucky I didn’t get a Ferrari thinking the world would end. Jokes apart, 2012 has been a good year for me and I thought of noting down a few things that happened over the last year and setting new goals. image   1) New blog domain – www.SqlJason.com and Twitter handle – @SqlJason
I finally took the plunge and bought my blog a new domain. I had been thinking about this for a long time and finally did it in November. This also meant that my blog lost it’s existing page rank and my stats have fallen down, but I guess it is going to pay off in the long run. On the positive side, it’s much easier to communicate my blog url in presentations. So for all my readers, make sure that you update the links from www.road-blogs.blogspot.com to www.SqlJason.com. I have set up a redirect from the old url to the new one, so the existing links will also work. I also changed my twitter handle from @de_unparagoned to @SqlJason. This means that I don’t get questions anymore on what de_unparagoned means. Also, makes communicating it easier. 2) Presentations and Talks
This year was crazy in terms of the presentations that I did. When I came to the US this year, I had a goal to do more presentations than I did in the previous year (which was 2 – one for the London UG and one for SQLBits). Well, I am happy to say that I presented in 8 SQLSaturdays, 1 Code Camp, 1 BI Virtual Chapter and 1 UG. 1.    Dec 08, 2012 – SQLSaturday #173 (Washington DC 2012)
2.    Sep 29, 2012 – SQLSaturday #149 (Minnesota 2012)
3.    Aug 04, 2012 – SQLSaturday #158 (New York City 2012)
4.    Jul 21,  2012 – SQLSaturday #122 (Louisville 2012)
5.    Jun 26, 2012 – PASS BI Virtual Chapter (online)
6.    Jun 09, 2012 – SQLSaturday #121 (Philadelphia 2012)
7.    May 12, 2012- SQLSaturday #129 (Rochester 2012)
8.    May 05, 2012- Carolina Code Camp (Charlotte 2012)
9.    Apr 28, 2012 – SQLSaturday #130 (Jacksonville 2012)
10.   Apr 21, 2012 – SQLSaturday #118 (Madison 2012)
11.   Apr 19, 2012 – Charlotte User Group (Charlotte 2012) Thanks to all the organizers and attendees, I got a lot of love from all of you and it was a wonderful experience (in fact I got selected at all of the SQL Saturdays that I submitted to). I intend to keep on doing more of SQL Saturdays in 2013 though I am not sure whether I can match up to the previous year because of personal reasons. One of my other goals would be to prepare better and start trying for the big conferences like PASS Summit, PASS BA Conference, etc though I am not sure how that will turn up due to the immense quality of presentations and speakers. 3) Blogging
Blogging has also been pretty consistent and I wrote 33 posts – one more than I did last year. From a numbers perspective, I had 112,614 page views this year (which is a big jump as I just have ~178,000 page views totally) and this is excluding the views that I get from my syndicated posts at other sites like www.BeyondRelational.com, www.ssas-info.com, etc. Also, my feedburner reader count has almost doubled to 350+ which is good. My goal for this year would be to write at least one post more than the previous year. 4) Organized a SQLSaturday and started a new User Group
This year, I was able to get more involved with the community and I ended up organizing a SQL Saturday in Charlotte along with Javier Guillen, Rafael Salas and Melissa Coates. This was a great experience and all of us had a lot of fun doing that. We also started a new BI group in Charlotte – CBIG (www.CharBIGroup.com) and our first meeting will take place next week. If you live in or around Charlotte, make sure that you register and drop in for our fun meetings. 5) MSDN Forums
I started my community involvement through the MSDN forums 3 years back and that is where I discovered my passion for MSBI and community in general. This is one part where I would like to keep going and helping as far as I can. I had set a goal for myself to break the 10,000 points barrierthis year  and I am glad to say that I did it by participating in the SSRS, SSAS and PowerPivot forums. I got 2300+ points this year (total of 10,100+ points) from 140+ answers and though it is nowhere near to the points I racked in my first year, I think this is a reasonable target for next year due to the additional community involvement. 6) PASS Summit
Attending the PASS Summit was one of my goals ever since I started knowing about this community, and again, I am happy to say that I did it this year for the very first time, thanks to my employer – Mariner, who sponsored it for me. It was such a wonderful experience meeting #sqlfamily and attending sessions (in fact I registered for the coming PASS Summit also, which is going to be held in the city that I am based out of – Charlotte). 7) Certifications – MCSE in SQL Server BI 2012
Thanks to the beta invitations, I was able to complete my MCSE certification in BI 2012. There were 5 exams which included some basic DBA  topics (which I am not at all familiar with) but guess what, I ended up passing all of those exams in my first try itself. You can read more about my certification experience here. All in all, 2012 was a great year for me and I hope 2013 is going to be kind on me… And also for all of you…

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Great work, Jason. Congrats and good luck for the coming year!

Christian Wade

Wow! – I didn't realize you did so many SQL Saturdays! Maybe we should nominate each other to become MVPs 😉

Many Many Congratulations Jason..Wish you were in Bangalore,India to give your presentations. We would love to attend.

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