Fast Track to Spatial Reporting – SQLBits session material for download

So one more objective struck off from my annual list. Even though I had nightmares where my laptop crashed just before my session, nothing untoward happened and I managed to complete my first session at SQLBits without any problems. SQLBits 9 Query Across the Merseyside Speaker The session was scheduled on Oct 1 at 8.10 am in the morning (at a time when I would normally be snoring in my bed). There was a brief moment of confusion when I discovered around 7.30 am that my laptop did not have the VGA port for plugging in the projector (the new DELL systems just have the HDMI and mini USB ports). Luckily, James Boother (twitter | blog) and Neil Hambly (twitter | blog) helped me get a converter and salvaged the situation. I was able to complete all the demos within the stipulated 1 hour time though I thought I had to race at some parts. Anyways, I will be blogging about my overall SQLBits 9 experience in detail soon. Till then, feel free to download the materials that I used in my session below:-

  • Session slides – contains the PowerPoint presentation (2 MB)
  • Report RDLs – contains all the report files used in the demo (12 MB)
  • Database backup – contains the spatial database used for the reports (41 MB)
  • Demo notes – short notes describing the demo (5 KB)


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Getting this error. Although at SQLBits9, 8.10am proved just a little too much for me on a Saturday morning after the Bond Night the night before. Colleagues who attended said it was a very worthwhile session though so was looking forward to the slide-decks and MP4 when they upload it.

This webpage is not available
The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
Error 111 (net::ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED): Unknown error.

Just tried now and looks fine to me. You would have caught Google when it was napping :).Could you just try again? If you are still facing an error, send your email address to and I will send you the files directly.

Must be me. Possibly some Corporate Firewall issue, but is an unusual error if it's Firewall related. Thanks Jason. Email sent.

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