April 19, 2011

Performance problems with Dynamic Named Sets

The last couple of days, I have been fiddling around with an interesting mdx query passed on to me by Hrvoje Piasevoli (blog | twitter | MSDN). Though I wouldn’t be explaining about the query as Hrvoje himself would blog […]
April 14, 2011

SQLBits 8 – Hangover

Yups, 10 days have passed since I attended the SQLBits by the Seaside, and I am yet to recover from the hangover. And nopes, I am not talking of the hangover from the beer I drank (though I must admit […]
April 5, 2011

MDX Basics

One of my colleagues in MindTree Ltd, Bragdishwaran U, had recently taken a session on MDX Basics. I found the session well structured and specially asked his permission to publish the slides from his deck for the benefit of my […]
April 3, 2011

Using TYPED for member properties in SSRS MDX queries

Recently I got a very interesting query from one of my colleagues. He was trying to sort a table in a SSRS report based on an integer member property, but the sort results were coming wrong according to him. He […]