SQL Server Tsql Quiz 2011

Are you one of those who have always wanted to own an Ipad the moment it hit the stores and yet never did because it could burn a hole in your pocket? Are you one of those who like pitting their SQL brains against the rest of the universe and showing them who’s daddy? Or are you one of those who like to read and increase knowledge about SQL Server? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, it’s time to check out the new boy in the town. BR TSQL Quiz March 2011 BeyondRelational has coordinated with 31 Microsoft MVPs / experts and come up with this SQL Server feast for all you aficionados. You get to answer questions from some of the best SQL brains out there – every day of the month! And best of all, you even get a chance to win an Ipad sponsored by Redgate!! Have a sneak peek of the quiz masters below BR Quiz masters Don’t forget to check out the upcoming quizzes while you are there. And ofcourse, dare you forget to thank me when you get that nice little Ipad Smile.

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Hey, do you know the new domain name for beyondrelational? I am looking for it for about an hour and please please don’t tell me it’s no longer exist!! It would be heart-breaking !!

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